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Radio On-line

Posting in english, again..dunno why. Maybe in the mood for it.
To the left, to the left...goddamnit
UH, listened a lot of online radio these days, one of them is hitzradio.com , when in mood for urban, I always tune here, the music is good, playlist rotation is not that stressing, and u can listen mainly hip-hop, rnb and alternative. Anyway, found smth interesting on their page, media player for Nokia mobile phones, that allows you to play (from a list of radio stations that are offering this service) online radio on your phone. Well .. I was a non-believer at first, because I didn't think that our GPRS will think it's a good ideea. Installed it though, and had a big surprise, not only that it works, but also the interface is awesome, the stream is ok, without any "bumps" and you also have the song's name, album art and a chance to rate the song (upto 5 stars). Spodradio , 'cause that's it's name, has a different look every week (i guess - not sure yet) based on an specific artist (Gorillaz and Depeche Mode 'till now) and has a search engine inside that can look to your favorite radiostation by genre, country or whatever you want. It even has some di.fm ... The things that i don't like that much are that it doesn't ask me if he can use send/receive data, as all others mobile apps ask, i don't have an option to shut off the downloading of visuals and it seems to eat a lot of battery also. But hey, you want cool stuff...you gotta pay the price, anyway, in conclusion, it's stuck on my mobile and i will use it quite often.
To the left, to the left...damnit


“Radio On-line”